Good summary of APS BOE presentation at E. Rivers last night

February 27, 2014

Seven of the nine APS Board members attended a community forum last night at E. Rivers and they addressed a variety of issues. Melissa Weinman of the Reporter Newspapers has a good summary of the highlights here. As she reports, some of the key highlights are as follows:

Some of the “best and brightest minds in education” are in the running to become the next superintendent of Atlanta Public Schools, Board of Education Chairman Courtney English said… “We are competing with Fortune 500 companies in some cases. We are competing with the president of the United States in some cases,” English said.

English asked for parents to be patient and trust the board.  He said he does not intend to introduce candidates to the community for input before a selection is made, mainly because candidates are already working in other positions.

Board Member Nancy Meister, … addressed questions about the future of Sutton Middle School, … “The facility at the old North Atlanta, now Sutton, included some spaces that can be converted to classroom spaces, so we’re looking at that.” … Portable classrooms, or trailers, are also an option, but Meister said it’s not the most popular solution with the superintendent… We’re aware of it. We’re addressing it. But there isn’t a solution today,” Meister said.

Board Member Matt Westmoreland updated the organization on the school board’s budget process, which has already begun for the next school year. Westmoreland said the school board started the budget process early this year, with the goal of finalizing the budget by April 14… “Our top priority is to make sure as much money as possible is directly touching students. That’s always going to be our goal,” Westmoreland said.

Read the whole thing here.

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