Parents and students continue to protest closing of Kennedy Middle School – plan to convert it to a career academy remains in place

May 8, 2014

A number of parents and students continued to protest the closing of Kennedy Middle School and the related plan to reopen it next year as a career academy. Per the AJC (see here),

The board didn’t suggest it would change course on plans set during a redistricting process two years ago to turn Kennedy Middle into a career academy next school year. Kennedy Middle has 59 students left, and they will move to Brown Middle. 

[Superintendent] Davis said at Monday’s board meeting. “I do not think, however, that we should give people going into these discussions an expectation of an outcome.

In addition per the AJC, the school board

…agreed to start a conversation about improving education in the central part of the city …The board on Monday unanimously approved a review of education in the Washington Cluster, where Brown Middle and Kennedy Middle feed into Washington High.

While I understand that long-held attachments to a specific school are hard to let go of, the parents protesting are not recognizing that the limited enrollment (59 students) results in a significant limitation on resources that can be devoted to Kennedy as it now stands. By placing the students in Brown Middle School, the district will be able to place more resources at the disposal of the students and hopefully improve educational outcomes.

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